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  • What can LLDPE be used for?

    What can LLDPE be used for?

    LLDPE geomembrane is a versatile and durable material that can be used in a variety of applications.  LLDPE, or Linear Low Density Polyethylene, is a plastic known for its flexibility, toughness, and chemical resistance. This makes it ...
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  • What is the difference between biaxial and uniaxial geogrid?

    What is the difference between biaxial and uniaxial geogrid?

    Uniaxial Geogrid Biaxial Geogrid Biaxial and uniaxial geogrids are two common types of geosynthetics used in various civil engineering and construction applications. While t...
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  • Uncovering the secrets behind best-in-class HDPE geomembrane factory output

    Uncovering the secrets behind best-in-class HDPE geomembrane factory output

    introduce:   where we delve into the interesting world of HDPE geomembrane plants and uncover the secrets behind their exceptional output. In this article, we will explain the production process, the key factors affecting factory output and the importance of HDPE geomemb...
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  • HDPE Geomembrane Installation Guide:help You Save Time And Labor

    HDPE geomembrane is also known as high-density polyethylene impermeable geomembrane. It's a kind of waterproof material, the raw material is high-molecular polymer. The main components are 97.5% of HDPE and 2.5% of Carbon black/anti-aging agent/anti-oxygen/UV absorbent /...
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  • Critical Review Of The Performance Of Geosynthetic-reinforced Railroad Ballast

    Story by December 2018 In the recent times, railway organizations across the world have resorted to the use of geosynthetics as a low-cost solution to stabilize ballast. In this view, extensive studies have been conducted worldwide to assess the performance of geosynthetic-reinforced ballast unde...
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  • Leister Introduces SEAMTEK W-900 AT Low-voltage Wedge Welder

    October 12th, 2018 / By: IFAI / Industry News, Resources Leister Technical Textiles has released the SEAMTEK W-900 AT low-voltage wedge welder, an energy efficient and safe welder with direct transmission of power to a thin welding wedge. The W-900 welds at a speed of 98 feet (30 m) per minute, ...
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  • Geosynthetics Market To Be Driven By Increase In Demand From Transportation And Civil Engineering Sector Till 2022 | Million Insights

    Global Geosynthetics Market is segmented on the basis of product type, material type, application, and region. Geosynthetics is a planar product manufactured from polymeric material used with soil, rock, earth, or other geotechnical engineering related material as an essential part of a man-made ...
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  • Landfill Expansion And Mondernization In Shenzhen

    Shenzhen is one of China’s many cities on a fast modernization track. Not unexpectedly, the city’s rapid industrial and residential growth has created numerous environmental quality challenges. The Hong Hua Ling Landfill is a unique piece of Shenzhen’s development, for the landfill exemplifies no...
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  • Carbon Footprint Advantages Of HDPE Geomembranes

    By José Miguel Muñoz Gómez – High-density polyethylene liners are renowned for containment performance in landfills, mining, wastewater, and other vital sectors. Less discussed but meriting evaluation is the superior carbon footprint rating that HDPE geomembranes provide versus traditional barrie...
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  • Characteristics Of Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

    Density: Sodium bentonite forms a high-density diaphragm under water pressure. When the thickness is about 3mm, its water permeability is α×10 -11 m/sec or less, which is equivalent to 100 times the compactness of 30cm thick clay. Strong self-protection performance. It has permanent waterproof pe...
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  • The Working Principle Of Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

    The mineralogical name of bentonite is montmorillonite, and natural bentonite is mainly divided into sodium and calcium based on chemical composition. Bentonite has the property of swelling with water. Generally, when calcium bentonite expands, its expansion is only about 3 times its own volume. ...
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  • Introduction Of Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

    Shanghai Yingfan “Yingfan” brand bentonite waterproof blanket (English name: GCL) consists of three layers, the upper and lower layers are respectively geotextiles, mainly for protection and reinforcement, so that it has a certain overall puncture strength and tensile strength. The mi...
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