Landfill Geosynthetics Solutions

Today's state-of-the-art landfill utilizes a range of geosynthetic products to maximize design efficiency, integrity and performance while minimizing overall cost. For environmental protection, the essential landfill component is the primary geomembrane liner.


HDPE Containment and Capping Geomembrane

The primary liner contains dangerous leachates and protects valuable groundwater resources. HDPE containment and capping geomembrane has features of excellent physical and mechanical performance, high tearing resistance, high puncture resistance, good deformation adaptability, high UV resistance, excellent chemical resistance, good high & low temperature resistance, long durable life, seepage resistance.


LLDPE Containment and Capping Geomembrane

LLDPE containment and capping geomembrane elongation property is better than HDPE one. So, its flexibility is better.


PET Nonwoven Needle Punched Geotextile

This product has primarily separate, filtrate, drainage and protective functions in landfill lining and capping system. Compared with PP nonwoven needle punch geotextile, PET geotextile UV resistance property is better than PP but its chemical resistance property is worse than PET one.


PP Nonwoven Needle Punched Geotextile

It is a very most suitable nonwoven needle punched geotextile which can be used in landfill project and such project which involves a lot of chemical substances. Because PP chemical resistance property is very excellent.


Needle Punched Process Geosynthetic Clay Liners

It is a very most suitable and necessary waterproofing product which is used in landfill project thanks to its excellent anti-seepage property, good reinforcement and protection properties.


Geomembrane Supported Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Because of pe membrane composition in this product, its anti-seepage property and other performance can be enhanced better than needle punched process geosynthetic clay liners.


PP Geofiltration Fabric

PP geofiltration fabric has excellent filtration characteristics when used to surround the gravel in leachate collection systems in solid waste landfills. The geotextile has less surface area for biological growth to help eliminate long-term clogging concerns. When using a PP geofiltration fabric in leachate collection systems, a minimum POA of 10 percent should be specified. It possesses the properties required to ensure long-term functionality.


2D/3D Geonets Drain for Landfills

2D/3D geonets drain is usually laminated together with side or sides of nonwoven geotextile. It has primary function of water transmittivity in leachate collection of landfill project.